Is this you?  Staring at your watch as you rush through your day wondering how you will ever have time to get everything done.  There are too many items on the to do list at work, unfinished projects at home, and a weekend filled with activities.  When would you possibly have time to plan for your future?  Of course you've probably thought about how you hope to enjoy yourself when you retire, but have you really planned for it.  If you're like most people the answer is no.


At Magnolia Lane Financial Advisors we understand how everyday life can be hectic.  Our founder, Eric Gerster, made the transition from institutional to individual investing after recognizing his own struggle in finding sufficient time to create his own financial plan.  Once he took the time to plan and discussed it with others he realized most people were in the same situation.  Now Eric is dedicating his time to helping clients build a plan for their future. 

We believe that every person needs a plan for their future.  Magnolia Lane brings a unique expertise to the problem that you won't find in your typical adviser.  With a nearly two decade career investing large pools of institutional capital in both mutual funds and hedge funds, Eric Gerster understands how to manage the ups and downs of the stock market.  He successfully navigated his hedge fund portfolio through the 2008 financial crisis and never suffered a down year in 10 years in the hedge fund business.  With his background and experience we can guide you in securing your financial future.

Investment Management


Many people create their own investment portfolio and when the market goes up it can seem so easy.  What happens when the next correction hits?  Often individuals are scared and reactive.  This causes them to miss the opportunity.  With our expertise in investing and risk management we will create your investment plan, monitor it, and make changes as necessary.  We've been there for significant market corrections and will help you navigate the ups and downs when they occur.  At Magnolia Lane Financial Advisors we will manage your assets as if they were our own.

Additional Services


In the course of creating your financial plan we often assist clients with other areas including:

  • Retirement Planning
  • Estate Plan Review
  • ​Charitable Giving Evaluation
  • Education Planning
  • Expense Analysis
  • Mortgage/Debt Analysis
  • Life Insurance Evaluation
  • External Investment Manager Review

These services can be offered as part of our traditional client relationship or financial consulting on an individual project basis.  If necessary we can refer you to a specialist such as a tax accountant or estate planning attorney for a more in-depth review of specific issues.

Our overall goal at Magnolia Lane is to help shape, guide and secure your future.  Contact us today to get started.

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